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What We Do

World-class teams of scientists providing innovative stratigraphic, paleontological, geochemical and geophysical solutions. Experts in Sequence Stratigraphy


Our Business Model

From among world-wide network of specialists in the industry and academia teams gathered to meet special needs of the clients. Focused, fast, flexible and cost effective!


Our Experience

International know-how based on contributions to geological problems around the world. Extensive experience in field-scale and regional studies and basic and advanced Training 


Basic and Advanced Training

Offering basic and advanced hands-on training at the client's location as well at other central sites world-wide on a variety  of exploration and production relevant topics

Iguasu Falls - Award Winning Aerial

Photo by  Bilal Haq


TerraDynamics International BV was established and registered in

The Netherlands in 2006 to provide integrated stratigraphic and modeling solutions for the hydrocarbon exploration industry. Our appraisals of the total petroleum systems are based on dynamic Earth models and latest scientific innovations. Our teams of specialists employ seismic and sequence stratigraphy and other advanced stratigraphic concepts to find solutions for the clients' specific needs. TDI professionals are also active in technical education and public outreach


      TerraDynamics International BV

             Gevers Deynootplein 79, 2586 CN,      

        The Hague, The Netherlands



Scheveningen Beach, The Hague, Netherlands & location of TDI offices

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