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What We Do

TerraDynamics International puts together world-class teams of exploration scientists who offer innovative geological and geophysical solutions for the specific needs of clients in the hydrocarbon industry. TDI's exceptional expertise in Sequence Stratigraphy ensures the appropriate amount of detail at both Field and Regional scales. TDI also offers basic and advanced training in exploration-related topics of interest to the industry and academia. TDI's scientific team members have held courses for academia, geological surveys and the industry all over the world.

TDI and its professionals are also active in social and educational outreach to the public. For example, TDI's CEO has personally saved an important fossil site (later declared a Geopark by Chinese government) from destruction and helped create a Foraminiferal Sculpture Park in China that is now visisted by millions of children and tourists every year. New research at Shanwang Geopark has added to the list of over 700 animal and plant species discovered at this site

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