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Our Business Model

TerraDynamics International BV is a consultancy company formed in 2006 by two world-class  partners in hydrocarbon exploration (Bilal U. Haq and E.J. Bert Lambers).


Bilal Haq is considered as one of the leading global geoscientist by both the academic and industrial scientific communities and has been honored around the world for his seminal works in geosciences and for the impact of his work on the hydrocarbon exploration.  The later included Distinguished Lecturership for AAPG and the award of Francis Shepard Medal from SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology). In the 1980s at Exxon Production Reserarch Company he was closely involved with the development of Sequence Stratigraphic concepts and his work provided the underpinning  for the discipline with the publication of Haq et al (1987-88) Sea-Level Curves and their later revisions (2005, 2008, 2014).  His experience with regional studies at Exxon included basins in Brazil, Argentina, Russia,  France, China, Australia that gave him a world-wide perspective in petroleum prospectivity. He has advised numerous organizations (in the industry and in the government) on prospectivity of sedimentary basins both onshore and offshore. 

Bert Lambers has many decades of petroleum exploration experience, first for 24 years with Shell Oil and since then as an exploration consultant. He is a proven hydrocarbon finder and has worked as a structural geologist, as a seismic stratigrapher, and as a basin analyst in several frontier basins around the world, following Shell’s international interests. In addition to being a leading petroleum geologist, he also has wide experience in management and organizing projects in “new ventures” and in the training aspects of the exploration activities.


The modus operandi of TerraDynamics is to put together teams of world-class specialists with prior petroleum industry experience, both from the academia and from amongst former industry scientists, tailored to the needs of the client company and the job at hand and on ad hoc contract basis. This business model has produced very successful results for regional studies, field-scale sequence-stratigraphic evaluations, detailed biostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic investigations, structural studies as well as geodynamics and heat-flow modeling of the basins. In the past specialist team members have included scientists from the US, France, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and UK. TDI's active global network allows it to call upon experts from literally all over the world for quick resolution of the specific exploration problems at hand. Absence of a large standing detachment of employees also allows TDI to undertake complex studies on very cost-effective basis.


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